• Image of Bloom album CD (2022)
  • Image of Bloom album CD (2022)

Our next album is here!
Bloom 2022 has ten tracks and is available now Our official release date was October 28, 2022.
You have a few options to choose from, too:

*Get the color CD w/Joan Jett sticker quote--no frills!
*Get your copy signed by the band! We'll include shrink wrap w/sticker in mailing.

Our finest work yet!

Side A
(1) Jokers, Thieves, and Liars
(2) Tight-Lipped
(3) I Seek Fire
(4) Broken Cocoon
(5) She's Already Dead
Side B
(1) Hammer and The Anvil
(2) Secret Medicine
(3) Strutter
(4) Jackson's Song
(5) Mephistopheles